No matter your industry in online marketing the main structure begins with web hosting and domain management. This means your www web address, email management, web hosting, and security. We understand the value of making your site look and feel like a place that is safe and users can trust. After-all that is where most good things start, right?

How to pick a hosting provider

In a world of digital options we take pride in being your guide to our ever changing online technologies. Our rep will help to assess your hosting needs to find the best fit provider.

There are numerous elements that go into successful websites that truly serve a company’s objectives. Many of these have to do with the coding and web design of the site itself. Support services also affect websites, and web hosting is one example of such a critical service.

Our team at Mint Marketing offers to host our clients’ websites. We provide the same excellent service and attention to detail here that we do in all of our digital marketing services. Before we tell you about the benefits of having us host your site, however, you may be wondering exactly what it means to host a site.

Web hosting is a service that allows us to post a website online. A hosting service will provide the platforms needed for the website and other technologies such as email and security. A web host can play a major role in search engine ranking. If a web host has poor reliability, IE their sites have more time offline than online, it will harm the productivity of the website. Web bots, the part of a search engine that goes out and seeks relevant sites for your search query, will see and keep track of if your site appears offline or not. If your site is offline too often it will be deemed as unreliable by the search algorithm and instead. of your business listing showing in search results it will be your competition. Search engines would not want to point their users to a site that is likely not available

SEO & Hosting

SEO can be effected by hosting. Here are a few key elements that search engines like to see when it comes to your website hosting provider.

So What Is Website Hosting?

If you are like many businesses, you probably put a lot of thought into your website’s domain name. A good domain name can be an asset in telling search engines and potential customers what goods or services you offer. That said, your site is not online for anyone to be able to reach it until it is hosted.

Websites are comprised of many pages made up of text, images, navigation menus and all the coding behind the scenes that makes all the magic work. All of this data needs to be stored somewhere in a secure manner. Your site’s host service provider is simply the company that uploads your website’s files onto its servers so that people around the world can reach it when they wish. Such a company runs their servers 24/7 to make sure it is always there for potential customers.

Security- Search engines do not want to send their users to a site that may have malware. A good web host will provide you with the tools and ongoing guidance to help you defend against security threats.  Your site will need a Security Certificate called an SSL, secure sockets layer. Google invented this to make money, guess what it worked! If you do not have an SSL certificate your bounce rate will be much higher than desired. This is a basic requirement for your site. Read more about why you need an SSL here.

Load time-  No one likes to wait, neither do search engines. If a search engine sees that your page takes too much time to load the page ranking in search results will be effected in a bad way.

Authority- How long have you had your domain? The longer you have had it the more it is worth and the more search engines will deem your site as reputable.

Location is also important. Because the internet is everywhere but people are not you will want to get a hosting provider who is based in the country in which your business is operated.

Our rep will help to assess your hosting needs to find the best fit provider.